How You Can Help



Gain a loving companion

01. Adopt

From morning cuddles to always having someone to greet you when you return home, when you adopt a pet, especially an adult dog/cat, you are giving them a second chance at happiness and they make the most loyal of companions.

Your best friend is waiting, make an appointment to meet them.

Show Up

02. Be a Volunteer

One of the greatest things you can donate is your time!  We want to thank each and every volunteer who generously gives their time and talents, which enables us to accomplish our life-saving mission to give animals in need a second chance at a full, happy life. 

Give Back

03. Make a Donation

As non-profit organisation, the Knysna Animal Welfare Society (NPO No:  009-263) relies on donations from individuals, organisations and corporations. Every donation serves a purpose and is used to help KAWS fulfil our mission to nurse, feed, shelter and care for the animals in our community. Please note that we are able to issue a Section 18A Certificate – donations to KAWS are tax deductible.


04. Connect with us

Support us on social media by liking our Facebook and Instagram pages, sharing posts and leaving comments and then cross-pollinate with links to other social media platforms.

Post/Blog about your own adoption. Share your experience of choosing the ideal pet and the experience of owning a rescue pet. 

Take In

05. Foster

Whether they’re bottle-feeding baby kittens, teaching shy dogs that humans can be trusted, or just giving an animal a quiet place to rest and recover, fosters are indispensable to our organisation.

Caring for pets until they’re ready for a forever home is not only enormously satisfying, it helps save lives. Knowing you played a crucial role in an animal’s happily-ever-after is worth every minute.

Spread the word

06. Be an advocate

Animals will have a strong and vocal advocate well into the future because of generous, forward-thinking friends like you.

Your personal legacy will help save the lives of animals, help us to advocate on their behalf and sustain our agenda to protect animals, to heal their sickness, to fight cruelty, and to educate others to do the same.