Knysna Animal Welfare Society

We are committed to saving as many animals as possible and to reducing the enormous suffering of all animals.  Join us and become an animal protector!

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The bond between a rescue pet and their owner is incomparable.  The love and gratitude they share is simply like no other.  You can find a variety of adoptable pets at KAWS.  Each pet has so much love to give.

Even if you don’t live on the Garden Route, you can adopt your four-legged soulmate at KAWS.


We rely on generous, compassionate donors to enable us to:

  • Give rescued animals a temporary home while waiting for their loving forever home. During this time, we make sure that they receive adequate medical treatment, food and a roof over their head.
  • Enable us to finance our outreach projects in our fight against animal abuse and over-population
what you should know

Pet Adoption Notes


The biggest reason to adopt, is that you’ll save a life! 

Each year, it’s estimated that more than 920 00 adoptable dogs and cats are euthanised in South Africa, simply because too many pets come into shelters and too few people consider adoption when looking for a pet.

adoption tips

The first few days in your home are special and critical for a pet.  Your new pet will be confused about where he/she is and what to expect from you.  Setting up  some clear structure with your family for your pet will be paramount in making the transition as smooth as possible.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

Knysna Animal Welfare Society’s Mission is to provide primary health care, to prevent overpopulation of dogs and cats in our community through education on the responsibilities of pet ownership with the emphasis on sterilisation, to provide a temporary shelter for stray, unwanted or homeless animals, and to maintain a vigorous adoption program that includes health screening, vaccinations and mandatory spay or neutering. All activities are in compliance with the national and municipal laws and regulations and performed by a team of humane and professional staff.