Please read the following disclaimer before signing this application/ consent form.

I, the undersigned, hereby acknowledge that:
1. I am offering my services to KAWS (Knysna Animal Welfare Society) on a voluntary basis and that I understand the risks involved in doing so.
2. I agree that I do so entirely at my own risk and that the Society, and its employees cannot be hold responsible for the possible death, injury or harm of myself or any property or possessions belonging to me, whether arising from negligence, including gross negligence or any other cause whatsoever arising from my participation in any voluntary services at any given time.
3. I agree and understand that I have no right to take advantage of my voluntary position at the Charity Shop and that no action will be taken by myself re. promoting or offering items for sale outside the Charity Shop, without the permission of management.
4. As a volunteer, I do have the advantage to request to purchase items from the Charity Storeroom, but those items must be labelled with my name and placed in the manager’s office to be marked at a suitable time for the manager or shop assistant, and not items taken to shop counter while in service, to be marked. No items will be marked by fellow volunteers on the same shift to be purchased by myself.
5. All antique/ collectible items will be placed in the manager’s office to be researched and priced.

I understand that at any given time should,

1. my behaviour be a negative influence on other volunteers or staff members,
2. that it would be found that items are taken from the Charity Shop without the permission of management
3. or that I wilfully mark items at a lower price for fellow volunteers to benefit from it,
the Society do have the right to let me go and that I will no longer be able to volunteer at the Societe.