Our little town never fails to impress and delight when it comes to caring about animals. We love the heartwarming heroes who have adopted dogs and cats, puppies and kittens, and given them a chance at a new, better life that is so precious!

Life in a shelter isn’t ideal, but it’s a far sight better than the terrible realities of neglect, abandonment, starvation and cruelty that are all too prevalent around us. Animal lovers have stepped up to help, and they are making a significant difference. Our  adoptions and sterlisations have increased hugely this year!

Many people have popped in to drop off blankets, bowls and food, while others have donated funds or valuable items that we can sell in the KAWS Charity Shop. And then we have had the volunteers who have donated their time to help exercise the dogs, who have spent time with the puppies, cats and kittens or helped to fix, clean up and make things easier for the animals. Other volunteers have regularly helped to sort donations at our shop and all the other myriad of tasks that go into running a thriving community-funded welfare organization.