There have been two significant improvements at KAWS in July: the building of new night shelters in our dog runs and the appointment of a veterinary nurse to help manage the load in our clinic and hospital. 

At the beginning of the month KAWS benefited from the expertise and generosity of Dr Olaf Fischer, a visitor from Germany with a wealth of international experience in the rehabilitation of rescue dogs. Dr Fischer helped gentle some of our wilder new dogs, and gave our dog walker volunteers some excellent tips.

In addition, his generous financial donation meant that we could start building night shelters for our adoption dogs to shield them from the driving rain and bitter cold. Thank you Olaf, and thank you also to Fechters Sawmill for donating the materials for the first shelter. These shelters have made a big difference to our adoption dogs’ quality of life.

NURSE JACKIE: We are delighted to announce that from beginning of August the KAWS clinic and hospital have a veterinary nurse as part of our team – a warm welcome to Jackie MacFadyen, all the way from Gauteng. Jackie has many years of experience, particularly in welfare, and will make a great difference to the  number of animals we are able to assist with medical care as well as increasing the number of animals we are able to sterilise.

Although it looks like we won’t be able to do the proposed mass sterilisation later this month (yes it’s Covid again), thanks to a generous donation from KAWS Chairperson Cobri Vermeulen, our new surgery now boasts two operating tables. Our surgical team demonstrated last month that two vets can operate simultaneously, which with the inclusion of our veterinary nurse, will increase the number of sterilisations achieved.