We love to share a story with a happy ending, and the “tail” of Tiger from Homtini is just such a story.
One Sunday morning Mike Davies and his cycle group, “Dad’s Army”, were doing their regular ride on the 7 Passes Road when they stopped at the top of the Homtini Pass to catch their breath. “Dad’s Army” is a group of about 35 dads and granddads who cycle together regularly, amid lots of banter and good humour.
A young dog trotted over to say hello, and Mike recognised her as Tiger, a local dog who often came to greet the cyclists at the top of the hill. Just then, a man carrying a hockey stick walked over and took a swing at the dog, hitting her front leg. It made a sickening sound. Mike and the Dads intervened and sent the attacker packing.
You can’t transport a dog – especially a wounded one – on a bicycle, so the Dads found Tiger’s owner and helped him get her into a car so she could be taken to KAWS for emergency treatment of the broken leg.
The Dads continued their ride but Mike was worried about Tiger and drove back later to check on her. Just as well, because he found her dumped under a bush, in great pain, obviously not having had any help at all from a vet. So Mike called the KAWS emergency number and got hold of Helpus, the aptly named inspector on call.
Helpus was there in a trice and took Tiger to the KAWS hospital.