Good news from the KAWS Clinic
These days we all need good news more than ever, and here’s some spectacularly good news: between 1 June and the afternoon of 23 June 2021, Dr Anesca Loots and her star team at the KAWS clinic managed to sterilise 155 animals (101 dogs and 54 cats)! This is more than double the number sterilised in most months so far this year, and just under the total number of animals sterilised in the first THREE months of 2020. And June isn’t even over yet.

A round of applause also goes to the two acting managers, Debbie and Kate, as well as to our inspectors, receptionists, and all the other staff at the kennels, for the mindboggling logistical manoeuvres involved in organising so many sterilisations AND safely housing all the animals before and after surgery. We have plans to build kennels specifically for the temporary housing of the sterilisation animals, but that will have to wait for when our ship comes in. (Any skippers out there…?)

What’s more, KAWS has provisional permission to carry out our first mass sterilisation in years in August, provided that the Covid regulations allow us to do so. 

We made a promise that we would do our utmost to put a stop to the desperate, vicious cycle of companion animals in the Knysna area producing endless unwanted litters. With your help, we are, day by day, striving to fulfil that promise.